Experiencing a pregnancy and delivery is one the most beautiful, significant, and exciting events in your life. We are confident that the right, professional, and personal guidance will give you the confidence you need during this time.

We believe in the power you possess as a woman to go through this special process and we approach it from a physiological point of view. This means that we are trained to ensure the pregnancy and delivery do not enter the medical field unnecessarily.

PUUR is an ambitious practice supporting innovation that improves the (first-line) natal care. As first-line midwives we guide pregnant women as long as everything progresses physiologically. If a pregnancy or delivery is not developing as usual, we estimate the nature and the severity of the complication. During this risk analysis we determine if specialist care is required and refer to a gynaecologist where necessary.

We work closely with the Maxima Medisch Centrum Veldhoven according to clear guidelines. Because every pregnancy is different, we have a weekly meeting with the gynaecologists during which we discuss all new pregnancies, in order to set up the best and safest care around your pregnancy and delivery.

We support the view that you should do what you feel good about as a woman, especially during your pregnancy. We like to support you at home but will attend a policlinic delivery with just as much love. Your wishes and ideas are key to us.

At PUUR – Midwifery Centre Veldhoven we offer a wide spectrum of natal care. You can come to us for all care concerning the pre-conception, pregnancy, (fun) ultrasound scans, delivery, postnatal care, and contraception.
We intend to build mutual trust by offering continuous personal care. You will be appointed a case manager within the practice. This is one of the midwives who will be there for you at the most significant moments throughout your pregnancy.