Our practice consists of six truly committed midwives with a passion for their work. We have over 75 years of experience between us! In addition to midwifery each of us is trained to do ultrasound scans, which enables to offer continuous midwifery care and optimal ultrasound care.

To find out more about the ultrasound possibilities within our practice ‘click here (dutch)’.

Monique, onze verloskundige met de meeste ervaring, al bijna 40 jaar in het vak! Moeder van twee inmiddels volwassen kinderen. Destijds begonnen als soliste wat later Verloskundigenpraktijk Veldhoven werd. Arlaine, het buurmeisje van Verloskundigenpraktijk Veldhoven wist van jongs af aan al dat ze daar later wilde gaan werken! Na enige jaren prettig samengewerkt te hebben besloten Monique en Arlaine in 2006 hun eigen weg te gaan, ieder een eigen praktijk. Praktijk PUUR werd geboren. Arlaine vond al snel twee lieve collega’s in vriendinnen Malou en Nicole, zij studeerden tegelijk af en konden direct aan het werk als verloskundigen. Binnen PUUR hebben de toen nog jonge verloskundigen alledrie mogen ervaren hoe het is om moeder te worden. Arlaine moeder van drie, Nicole en Malou hebben allebei twee kinderen gekregen. Over bevallen gesproken; Monique deed in 1987 een bijzondere bevalling, verloskundige Janneke werd met hulp van Monique geboren! 
Group picture team Puur

After her internship in 2008, Janneke joined Monique’s practice where she learned a lot. Her big dream was to become a mum; three little boys have provided such enrichment. Group Practice Midwives Veldhoven grew and found in Michelle a young, enthusiastic colleague. Her pleasant chat and passion for her profession make her a joy to have on the team. With these two, three women strong practices in Veldhoven it was time to join forces and combine all good things of PUUR and Group Practice Midwives Veldhoven into one new practice and since 2017 PUUR – Midwifery Centre exists. We really enjoy working together and the merger made it possible for each of us to develop our expertise. Arlaine became practice manager, Monique and Nicole are in charge of 20-week ultrasound scans and advises on contraception and fits coils, Marlou focuses on research and innovation, Janneke takes care of fun ultrasound scans, and Michelle oversees the centering pregnancy.