Case Manager

Within the practice we work with a case manager system. This means that a case manager is matched to every pregnant woman. The most important task of the case manager is the coordination of all care surrounding the pregnancy and she is the regular point of contact and confidante of the pregnant woman. The case manager is the one who is most directly concerned with the care of the pregnant woman. She will make sure that you will be the focal point during the whole care process and will remain to be so. The case manager is the director of the care concerning you and your (unborn) child.

On average you will visit the practice about 15 times during your pregnancy for regular check-ups and ultrasound scans. A number of these check-ups are planned with your case manager so she can inform you about certain examinations, can discuss the delivery and evaluate the care with you.

Of course you can tell us if you have a preference for a specific case manager. If you do not indicate a preference you will be assigned the first available case manager.