Case Manager

Within the practice we work with case management. This means that each pregnant woman is assigned to a case manager. The most important task and role of the case manager is to coordinate all care around the pregnant woman behind the scenes in case of special circumstances during the pregnancy. Given the size of the practice, you can choose to always see your case manager during the pregnancy checkups; you then choose a set day that is convenient for you! We all have our own consultation hours. We think it is important that besides your case manager you also get to know all the other midwives in the practice, so you do not see a strange face during delivery. So it might be a good idea to alternate.

It is important that you as a pregnant woman are central in the whole care process, so let us know what you like. Always a different face or always the same midwife.

On average you will visit the practice about 15 times during your pregnancy for a regular check-up or ultrasound.
So there is plenty of time to get to know each other better.

Of course you can tell us if you have a preference for a specific case manager. If you do not indicate a preference you will be assigned the first available case manager.