Pregnancy course

During the pregnancy you can take a pregnancy course in preparation for the birth. There are different types of pregnancy courses. It is important to choose one that suits you. Most courses start around week 25 of the pregnancy. In addition, there are also courses that you can take for the duration of the whole pregnancy. Some examples of courses in the local area are:

Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga is aimed mainly at relaxation. Being able to relax well is very important during the pregnancy, but certainly no less during the delivery. Using breathing techniques and relaxation exercises you learn how to deal with pain, to listen to and trust you own body. Furthermore, you will receive tips and advice on your posture, lifting, bending, and you will do muscle strengthening exercises. For a few lessons your partner is supposed to come along. He will be taught massage techniques and will also learn how he can help you relax during the birth and support with the breathing techniques.


This is an active course, which is suitable for all pregnant women, regardless of sports background or physical fitness. The lessons are tailor made for your pregnant body and developed in collaboration with gynaecologists and pelvic floor physiotherapists. The work-out is a combination of muscle strengthening exercises, cardio, and relaxation.

Giving birth together

As the name suggests, you will take this course together. The aim of this course is to prepare for to birth together with your partner and to ensure it goes as naturally and relaxed as possible. During the course you will be receive extensive information and you will learn practical techniques, which you can apply during the delivery. There is also on-going attention for the supporting role of the partner, so that he can be actively engaged in your delivery. This course is usually taught at a teacher’s home to a regular group of participants. The group usually consists of 3 to a maximum of 6 couples. In 9 weekly sessions of two hours you will be prepared for the birth. After the birth there is one more gathering to admire all the babies and to reflect on the births and exchange experiences.


Feeling and touching are the main focus of this course. Generally, this course is offered to couples on an individual basis. You will learn to connect intensely with your child prior to the birth. You learn to listen to your body, so you will feel what is best to do during the delivery.


Mensendieck is aimed at the change of your posture and movement during the pregnancy, in order to prevent physical issues. How are your muscles positioned in your body, how can you relax, and which posture is best to adopt? Push techniques and breathing exercises are topics in this course. You will take this course (sometimes with your partner) from week 26 of your pregnancy.

Cesar therapy

During pregnancy guidance according to the remedial therapy of Cesar, attention is paid to your posture. You will learn how your body works and you will receive a personal practice programme. The delivery is also an important theme of this course. A Cesar course consist of 8 to 10 lessons on average, including a partner night. In this course you will learn how to move ‘sensibly’ during your pregnancy, which enables you to prevent certain issues and even cure existing ones.

Pregnancy swimming

Many swimming pools organise an hour of swimming for pregnant women on a weekly basis. With extra warm water and a few exercises that you will be able to do until the end of your pregnancy. Swimming can have a very relaxing effect, because you are less aware of the extra weight in the water.


Hypnobirthing is a pregnancy hypnosis course for parents to be, which prepares them for the upcoming birth by using self-hypnosis. By internalizing the technique, through relaxation and the use of simple breathing techniques, you will take charge of the delivery. Therefore, it is not just suited for mothers who are dreading the pain, but for every woman who wants to experience the birth very consciously together with her partner and who strives for a comfortable birth.