Information sessions

Information evening We are Pregnant 

Because of the Corona crisis, all meetings at Maxima MC have been temporarily canceled and so have the monthly ‘Together Pregnant’ meetings and the information evenings about breastfeeding. For this reason they have made a temporary video about pregnancy and childbirth, so that you can still prepare for this. You can also watch the general video of the Mother and Child Centre to get a good impression of the hospital.
As soon as meetings may be organized in the Netherlands again, Maxima MC will organize the ‘Together Pregnant’ meetings and the information evenings about breastfeeding and you can register for these again. Keep an eye on the website of the hospital for this.

Watch the information video through this link; Vrouw Moeder Kind Centrum Maxima Medisch Centrum.

Information evening Remedica

Unfortunately all the English Remedica information evening have been canceled due to no one being available to conduct these informations evenings. As soon as someone is available we will communicatie the new dates.  

Information session about breastfeeding

Lactation consultant Ruth Adriaansens organizes information session about breastfeeding.

Go to: www.janatuurlijk-borstvoedingscentrum.nl for more information and dates.

Every Thursday, Ruth holds a walk-in consultation for small questions about breastfeeding. You can come between 9.30am and 12.30pm. She’s on the first floor of our building.