Centering Pregnancy

In Centering Pregnancy the first consultation during which the anamnesis is taken is one-on-one. The subsequent check-ups during the pregnancy are not offered on an individual basis but in a group of pregnant women at a similar stage of pregnancy. During the session, medical care like checking the blood pressure and the growth of the baby is combined with:

  • education;
  • exchange of knowledge and experience;
  • learning health skills
  • encouraging mutual support and friendship

Eight to twelve women at the same stage of pregnancy meet each other and get a bigger part in their own care process like taking their own blood pressure, weighing, and keeping their own file. Each group of pregnant women meets 10 times following a predetermined schedule. Within the group, women are expecting their first, second, third or even fourth child. Two regular midwives within the practice lead the group. These group meetings last a lot longer than the usual individual consultation of 15 minutes. This increases the interaction time between the caregiver and the pregnant woman and makes it easier to discuss more and more thoroughly the factors that influence the pregnancy and the health of both mother and child. In addition to this, all medical ultrasound scans will be scheduled at the practice and of course your partner is very welcome to attend these. He is also invited for the partner meeting. The following themes will be discussed during the Centering:

  • Theme Prenatal examinations, Healthy lifestyle,
  • Theme bodily transformations, discomforts during the pregnancy, Postures and exercises, Healthy teeth,
  • Theme relaxation, How to deal with stress, Thinking of breastfeeding, My family, What kind of family would I like to have?
  • Theme Thinking of my family, Family planning, Sexuality, Domestic violence, Development of the brain, Premature birth, Calling instructions
  • Theme The delivery, Breathing, How to deal with contractions, When to call?
  • Theme The birth of your baby, First hours after the birth, The post-natal period, The first days after the birth, The “consultatieburo”, Taking care of your baby, Circumcision, Brothers and Sisters, When to call?
  • Theme Transition from pregnancy to paternity, The baby’s movements, Emotional changes, Crying days, Postnatal depression, When to call during your pregnancy?
  • Theme Everything in one overview Safety of your baby, Baby massage

After the last meeting you will come for regular check-ups from week 36, these are individual consultations with your partner, for example to walk through your personal birth plan with a midwife. After the delivery there will be a 10th meeting approximately 6 weeks after the delivery to discuss the theme Motherhood with the group. Other themes for this meeting are: Taking care of your new-born child, growth and development in the first months, Changes at home and in the family, The baby: when to call? The mother; when to call? For more information take a look at the Official website of Centering Pregnancy: www.centeringhealthcare.nl Do you crave a lot of information, contact with other pregnant woman? We regularly start a new centering group in the practice; if you are interested, please let us know.