Calling Instructions Pregnancy

When should you call us before 37 weeks of pregnancy:

  • When you are further along than 24 weeks and you clearly feel less liveliness than before.

It is normal if you notice that the movement of your baby is a little less strong towards the end of the pregnancy, because there is less space to move around. In case of doubt or an obvious difference compared to the previous days it is important that you call us at any time.

  • In case of loss of amniotic fluid
    If you think you are losing amniotic fluid, you should call us straightaway (day and night). Try to collect some of the water or save a piece of clothing that got wet in the process.
  • If you experience vaginal blood loss
    During the pregnancy you should not have any distinctly clear red blood loss. If this is the case, please contact us right away. Take a picture with your phone showing the amount of blood loss, if possible. Sometimes this makes it easier for us to make an accurate assessment.
  • In case of contraction-like activity
    From sixteen weeks of pregnancy “hard tummies” may occur. These are contractions of the womb causing a tight feeling in the abdomen, but they tend to be painless. These contractions are needed for the womb to grow.

Preliminary contractions’ are most apparent during the last stage of the pregnancy. These irregular cramps, are easy to absorb (for example by taking a hot shower/bath or using a hot water bottle).

‘Dilation contractions’ (delivery contractions) are (painful) menstrual-like cramps, which become increasingly strong, succeed one another more quickly, and last longer. If you are experiencing these contractions regularly, for example every 10 minutes, call us immediately.

  • If you are worried you may always call us!

Check out The Delivery to find out when to call after week 37 in your pregnancy.