Arrangements after the first check-up

Mothers for Mothers (Moeders voor Moeders)

If you haven’t reached week 12 of your pregnancy you can sign up for Mothers for Mothers. This is an organisation that collects urine from pregnant women. Until 16 weeks of pregnancy urine contains hormones, which can be used for medicine for women who have trouble getting pregnant.

For more information and to sign up: call 0800 – 022 80 70 free of charge
Or check the website: www.moedersvoormoeders.nl

Maternity care

It is important to organise the maternity care at the beginning of your pregnancy. Even if you have family and friends who are willing to help you after the delivery, you are obliged to arrange maternity care. A maternity carer assist during the delivery, helps you during the first week after the delivery with your care and your baby’s, and keeps us informed of the medical checks she carries out. You can organise the Maternity care by contacting your health insurer. This is where you report your pregnancy and indicate that you would like to apply for maternity care. You can also request a maternity package. You will be sent an application form that should be returned completed. We collaborate a lot with the following maternity care agencies:

In addition to a maternity care agengy, there is also the possibility to opt for self-employed maternity nurses:

  • Rianne Hendriks: 06-46104848
  • Elle Hendriks: 06-46918272
  • Arianne Zwegers: 06-573433544
  • Carin Vosters: 06-12211274
  • Wendy Post: 06-12400230, www.kraamzorgwendy.nl 
  • Helma Coolen: 06-22264604
  • Belinda Theuws-Hoogers: 06-22043412, www.kraamzorgpureliefde.nl 
  • Jessica Castelijns: 06-11091918
  • Jolanda Meulenbroeks: 06-11144366
  • Ellen Schilders: 06-38361746
  • Rose Anne Verbakel-Urlings: 06-22514900, www.kraamzorglavie.nl 

Maternity package

When your insurance company calls you to arrange the maternity care, it is good to apply for a maternity package at the same time. There are two types of packages; one for a home birth and one for a hospital birth. Are you still unsure? Then indicate that you would like a home birth. This way you will always have enough materials in your maternity package.


If you are not married, it is important to take care of the acknowledgement of your baby at the Civil Registry of your council www.veldhoven.nl.  It is advisable to make sure you have taken care of this prior to the 24th week of your pregnancy because of the obligation to declare after this pregnancy term.

Maternity leave

When you are pregnant you are entitled to 16 weeks of maternity leave. The maternity leave may start 4 to 6 weeks prior to the due date. If you stop working 6 weeks before the due date, then you will have 10 weeks of leave after the delivery. If you finish 4 weeks in advance, then your will have 12 weeks of leave after the delivery. If you give birth after the due date, these weeks will not be deducted from your maternity leave: you are always entitled to a minimum of 10 weeks of leave after the delivery. If you give birth before your maternity leave has started, your leave will commence at the time of delivery. In this case you have 16 weeks of leave after the birth.

First aid for kids

Every year thousands of children end up at the emergency care of a hospital as a result of an accident. As a parent, you can avoid many of these incidents or you can act yourself instantly. As a (future) parent it is good to know what to do when something happens to your child. Therefore, this is a good time to take a First Aid course. When you sign up here, you will get a discount through iedereenehbo.nl.