Know and Arrange

Maternity leave

Every woman is entitled to 16 weeks of maternity leave. Generally, the leave will start six weeks prior to the due date and will finish 10 weeks after the delivery date. For more information you can have a look at www.uwv.nl.

In order to arrange the maternity leave with your employer, you usually need a pregnancy declaration. If your employer has requested this, let us know as we can print and sign a pregnancy declaration for you.


There are different types of shelter:
-day care for children who are not yet attending primary school;
-guest parent;
– Out-of-school childcare (BSO) for school-age children

Keep in mind waiting lists when registering your child. It is advisable to register your child when you are still pregnant. The Landelijk Register Kinderopvang (National Register for Childcare) has a list of childcare facilities in your area.

Childcare allowance

If your child goes to a registered day care or Out-of-school childcare (BSO), you may receive child care allowance. This is an allowance for parents to compensate the costs of childcare.

Birth leave

Your partner is entitled to birth leave after childbirth. Birth leave is also called maternity leave, paternity leave or partner leave.

Your partner is granted birth leave once the number of working hours per week. For example, does your partner work 6 hours a day for 5 days? Then he or she gets 30 hours of leave: 5 x 6 working hours. The employer pays the wages during this leave in full.

From 1 July 2020, your partner can take a maximum of 5 weeks (5 times the number of working hours per week) of additional birth leave. During the leave, your partner does not receive a salary, but a benefit from the UWV.

Your partner must inform the employer in advance or as soon as possible after the birth when he/she will take the birth leave. This may be done verbally or in writing. The employer may not refuse this leave.

For more information: www.rijksoverheid.nl

Child benefit

After the declaration of the birth of your child, the Town hall passes the declaration on to the Sociale Verzekeringbank (SVB). You will receive a message from the SVB within 2 to 4 weeks. After that, you can apply for child benefit.

For more information: www.svb.nl

Financial aspect

Having a baby can be expensive. Think about the costs of a nursery, extra clothing, your contribution for maternity care etc. More information about the costs you can find on www.nibud.nl or www.babyinfo.nl.

Domestic violence

Unfortunately, in some cases domestic violence takes place during the pregnancy. For questions and reports of domestic violence you can turn to the information line: STOP Huiselijk Geweld Eindhoven 0900 – 100 01 11.
The Advies en Steunpunt Huiselijk Geweld Eindhoven (ASHG) is available for anyone who requires help, information or advice about domestic violence. The ASHG focuses on victims, aggressors, bystanders, family, neighbours, professionals, and referrers. You can reach the ASHG 24 hours a day.