Complaints Procedure

It goes without saying that your pregnancy, delivery, and puerperium will be guided as diligently as possible. Still, it may happen that you have a complaint about our practice. That is what this complaints procedure is meant for. If you have a complaint about the midwifery care or treatment by the midwife, then we recommend you discuss this with us first. If you feel a conversation is not possible or if a conversation has not resolved the issue, then you have the option of submitting the complaint to the Complaints Committee of the Oyal Dutch Organisation of Midwifes (KNOV).

What does the Complaints Committee do?

  • Provides a judgement on the justification of your complaint
  • May provide a recommendation to the midwife
  • Treats your complaint impartially
  • Maintains the principle of fair hearing
  • Has a duty of confidentiality
  • Will not rule on liability of the midwife or compensation

Contact details:
Complaints committee KNOV
Postbus 2001
3500 GA Utrecht
T 073-6891890