Postnatal care

The delivery is behind you and your hard work has been rewarded! Now your postnatal care (postpartum) is starting. It is a time of celebration but definitely also a time to rest, to recover, and to get to know your baby. There is a lot to take in: amazing moments, but also a new rhythm and new emotions. Also now, you can count on our support and guidance.

During the first 8-10 days after the birth we will visit you at your home every other day. We will check mother as well as baby. We will work closely with your maternity assistant, but we will remain ultimately responsible. In case of issues the maternity assistant will always consult with us!

The maternity assistant will be present for a minimum of 3 hours per day and helps with feeding, caring for the baby, and the care for any older siblings. She will provide you with a lot of information and will answer all your questions. In principle you will get eight days of care. If required, the care can be extended. We will use the LIP for this (National Indication Protocol). The midwife on duty can be reached day and night, should you require this. Always call us if:

  • Mother has a fever (Above 38,0°C)
  • Mother has a lot of blood loss
  • Baby has a fever or too low a body temperature (Above 37.5°C or below 36.5°C)
  • Baby doesn’t want to drink
  • Baby comes across drowsy or has a yellow colour