Follow-up check

Four weeks after your puerperium has finished you can make an appointment for a follow-up check. After a period of intensive contact we plan a final check-up about six weeks after the delivery at the practice. You will probably enjoy having this check-up with the midwife who guided the delivery or with your case manager.

We talk about how you are doing and what your experiences are with the course of the pregnancy, the delivery and the puerperium. We will also ask you about the progression of your recovery. During the appointment we will check your blood pressure once more, your iron level, and potentially your weight. We may also have a look at the healing of a potential scar and feel the tension of your pelvic floor muscle through an internal examination.
We will discuss contraception again and there may be advice for a next pregnancy. If the gynaecologist delivered your baby, but we have carried out the check-ups during the puerperium, you are also very welcome to have a follow-up check.

We would like to hear how you have experienced our care. Of course we like getting a positive review, but also if you have tips or advice for us we would love to hear this!  It will enable us to make our care even better. We would appreciate it if you can leave a review of our care on Clientenenquete.