Approximately 6 weeks after the delivery you will be able to have sexual contact again, because your womb will have recovered and the blood loss will have stopped. It is usually unclear when the first ovulation after the delivery will take place, which means that you could get pregnant without noticing. You could get pregnant as soon as 4 weeks after the delivery. It will take about 9 months for your hormonal balance to return. If you do not want to get pregnant again (yet), consider what type of contraception suits you. The type of contraception best suited for you is dependent on a number of factors. For example, are you are breast-feeding, would you like to get pregnant again soon or do you wish not to have any more children; your situation will influence your choice of contraception. During the pregnancy or the puerperium we will provide you with information about a number of different contraception methods. At the follow-up check six weeks after the delivery this topic will be discussed again.

Types of contraception

Hormonal contraception These types of contraception contain hormones (progestogens and oestrogens) that prevent you from getting pregnant: •    combined pill •    contraceptive plasters •     vaginal ring These types of contraception only contain progestogens •    hormonal coil (Intrauterine system) •    mini-pill •    hormonal implant •    hormonal injections (If you stop with hormonal injections it can take a while before you get pregnant again. We do not recommend this if you would like to become pregnant again soon) Hormone-free contraception •    copper coil (Intrauterine device) •    condom •    diaphragm Definitive methods •    Sterilisation of the woman •    Sterilisation of the man Below is an overview of hormonal contraception methods

  Suitable when breast-feeding? Insert frequency Who, what, where? Can I delay or skip my period? Can I get my fertility back quickly?
Combined pill synthetic No 21-28x per 4 weeks You, take a pill Yes Yes
Combined pill body’s own No 21-28x per 4 weeks You, take a pill Yes Yes
Contraceptive plasters No 3x per 4 weeks You, plaster on the skin Yes Yes
Vaginal ring No 1x per 4 weeks You, ring in your vagina Yes Yes
Progestogen-only pill Yes 28x per 4 weeks You, take a pill No Yes
Contraceptive injections Yes 1x per 12 weeks General practitioner, injection under the skin or in muscle No May take a year
Hormonal implant Yes 1x per 3 years General practitioner, implant in your arm No Yes
Hormonal coil (Intrauterine system) Yes 1x per 5 years General practitioner or midwife, coil in your uterus No Yes

Hormone-free contraception methods

  Copper coil (Intrauterine device)
Suitable when breast-feeding? Yes
Insert frequency 1x per 10 years
Who, what, where? General practitioner or midwife, coil in your uterus
Can I delay or skip my period? No
Can I get my fertility back quickly? Yes

More information? www.anticonceptie.nl is a website that helps you choose from the many types of contraception available. By answering a number of questions your personal preferences will become clear quickly.