If you would like to get a coil fitted or are considering it, you can also come to our practice for this.

We fit different types of coils. In order to get a coil fitted you do not need to be known at our practice.
A coil is a very reliable form of contraception and is also a good option while breast-feeding.

There are two types of coils; the hormonal coil or intrauterine system (Mirena or Kyleena) and the hormone-free copper coil or intrauterine device (T-safe).

Hormonal coil

The hormonal coil gradually releases a small amount of hormones and thickens the cervical mucus, which makes it more difficult for sperm to move through the cervix. The hormonal coil can prevent an ovulation. If no egg is released then no fertilisation can take place.

If there is a fertilisation after all, then this will not be able to embed itself, as there is no build up of cervical mucus.

Because there is little to no build up of the cervical mucus, many women with a hormonal coil will have a very light period or none at all.

The hormonal coil is a very reliable type of contraception and can be used for a period of 5 years. Of course it is possible to have a hormonal coil removed earlier, for example in between two pregnancies.

A hormonal coil has to be collected with a prescription at the pharmacy. We can write the prescription for you. The costs of the hormonal coil are approximately €170,-.

Ask your health insurer if the costs of the hormonal coil are covered.


Copper coil

The copper coil is a hormone-free type of contraception and gradually releases a little bit of copper. Copper inactivates the sperm cells that enter the cervix, so no fertilisation can take place. If there is a fertilisation after all, then the copper will prevent it from embedding itself.

The T-safe copper coil is very reliable, hormone-free and can be used for a period of 10 years. Naturally, the T-safe may also be used for a shorter amount of time, for example in between two pregnancies.

With a copper spiral you will maintain your own menstrual cycle. Potential side effects during the first months after having the coil fitted may be: a longer or heavier period, stomach cramps and blood loss between periods. After this the natural cycle will return. In some cases the blood loss during your period may increase slightly.

The copper coil costs €69,95. We have copper coils in stock at the practice.


Having a coil fitted

We can fit a coil from 10 weeks after the delivery. The cervix and the womb will have completely recovered by then. If you have never given birth before, we prefer to fit the coil within 7 days after the first day of your period. The womb will be slightly open, which will make it easier to fit the coil.

Inserting a coil is usually fairly easy and quick. The actual fitting takes approximately 5 minutes. We will plan plenty of time, so we can take our time to explain everything and to make inserting the coil as comfortable as possible.

Using an internal ultrasound scan we will determine the position of your womb. This will make the fitting easier. Next, a speculum (eendebek) will be inserted into the vagina so we can get a good view of the cervix.
In order to check if the uterus is suitable for a coil, the length of the uterus is measured using a probe (a thin stick). After this, the coil can be inserted in the cervix through the applicator. Finally, the threads will be cut at the right length.
The insertion can result in a nagging sensation in the lower abdomen. In a few cases the fitting of a coil is perceived as painful. If two paracetamol of 500mg or one ibuprofen of 400om is taken one hour prior to fitting the coil, this will reduce the pain.

It is normal to have abdominal cramps or a nagging sensation in the lower abdomen after fitting the coil. Possibly you experience intermittent blood loss (spotting), because the body needs to get used to the coil. This will usually stop within 3 to 4 months after the insertion. We can usually claim the costs of placing the coil directly from the health insurer and it will not be deducted from your excess.


Follow-up check

6 weeks after placing the coil or after the next period we offer the option of checking if the coil is still in the right position using an internal ultrasound scan.

The costs for this cannot be claimed directly from the health insurer.

Removing a coil

You can also get a coil removed and potentially immediately a new one placed directly at our practice.

After the coil is removed you will be fertile again.


Contraception consult €20,00
Coil fitting €61,11
Check-up 6 weeks after fitting €30,00 (This ultrasound scan cannot be claimed directly from the health insurer)
Removing old coil and fitting a new one €70,00
Ultrasound scan check-up after fitting somewhere else (For example with your GP) €35,00
Removing coil €20,00
In case we are not able to fit the coil for some reason we will charge €20,00 for the time planned.

The costs above are excluding the costs of the coil itself.