Medical ultrasound scans

During your pregnancy a number of standard ultrasound scans will be offered, which are covered by your health insurance. These include the ultrasound scan that renders the due date and the Structural Ultrasound Examination around week 20 of your pregnancy. In addition, the midwife may prescribe an extra ultrasound scan in case there is uncertainty about the vitality of the pregnancy, the positioning or the development of your baby. PUUR Midwifery Centre Veldhoven can carry out all of these ultrasound scans.

We will take plenty of time to create beautiful images of your baby and will provide comprehensive information about what you can see. The most beautiful images will be printed; the other files can be emailed to you so you have a digital copy of them. Furthermore, we are able to provide you with pictures and movies on DVD.

All midwives at PUUR midwifery centre Veldhoven are trained medical ultrasound technicians. We have two ultrasound scanners at our practice, the Samsung Ugeo and the Philips Clear Vue.

Would you like to have (in addition to your partner) family/friends present to see your baby? They are very welcome to come! Please let us know in advance how many people you will bring along.

Be aware that we sometimes spot particulars we weren’t specifically looking for while carrying out the ultrasound scan. If this is the case, we are obliged to inform you and we may refer you to a gynaecologist.

Medically required ultrasound scans are usually covered by your health insurance.

If you are not insured (or the scan is not covered by your insurance) you can find the costs of medically required ultrasound scans in the table below.

Ultrasound scan Weeks Pregnant Duration Price
Due date ultrasound scan 10-12 weeks 20 minutes €45.00
Combination test


(Via DVU)

Between 11+3-13+6 weeks 30 minutes €170.00



SEO 19 – 21 weeks 45 minutes € 150.00
Ultrasound scan blood loss, positioning, development (biometrics), locating the placenta, tummy ache During the whole pregnancy 15 minutes € 45.00