Fun ultrasound scans

PUUR also offers fun ultrasound scans. This means literally watching your little one in the belly for fun. Whether you are curious about the gender of the baby or you want to see how he moves around in the belly, how he is positioned exactly or to see whether the baby looks more like mum or dad. Whatever the reason, it is always nice to see your baby again. At PUUR, we really enjoy carrying out ultrasound scans. Naturally, friends and family are welcome to be present during the ultrasound scan. You may decide this all by yourself! For fun ultrasound scans we use the Samsung Ugeo ultrasound scanner. This device is sufficiently qualified, as we also carry out the medical week 20 ultrasound scans with it. This enables us to make the best ultrasound images. Be aware that we may notice unexpected particulars during a fun ultrasound scan. In that case we will always inform you of this.

2D ultrasound scans

With a 2D ultrasound scan you can watch your child ‘live’. A 2D ultrasound scan is possible throughout the pregnancy, but you will get the best images between 12 and 32 weeks. After the 32nd week the details of the baby usually remain easy to see. In most cases it is possible to see the gender after 15 weeks.

3-4D ultrasound scans

A 3D ultrasound scan is composed of several 2D images. This makes it possible to see your baby in perspective. The result of 3D ultrasound scans consists of still images. Thanks to new technologies it is now also possible to see your baby move in 3-dimensional images, the 4D ultrasound scan. You will see the best images between 24 and 30 weeks. Take into account that the quality of a 3-4D ultrasound scan depends on a number of factors, like the positioning and movement of your baby and the amount of amniotic fluid.

Fun ultrasound scans are not covered by your health insurance. Below is an overview of the costs. At the practice we have a number of fun ultrasound packages, which makes fun ultrasound scans even more attractive.

Call us to make an appointment and together with you we will discuss the options taking into account the number of weeks you will be pregnant and times and dates that suit you best!

Fun ultrasound scan prices

Ultrasound Weeks pregnant Price  
Early ultrasound scan From 6 weeks €40,-  
Sex determination From 15 weeks €40,-  
Fun ultrasound scan 2D

Fun ultrasound scan 3D/4D

24-30 weeks

24-30 weeks



Feel free to contact us if you are further along


Fun ultrasound packages

Packages     Price
Package I Sex determination + 2D ultrasound scan at a moment of your choice    €70,-
Package II Sex determination + 3D/4D ultrasound scan at a moment of your choice (Incl. USB)    €110,-


Sex determination + 2D ultrasound scan at a moment of your choice + 3D/4D ultrasound scan at a moment of your choice (Incl. USB)   €140,-

 * Each ultrasound scan includes prints for you to take home.
* USBs are also available separately. The costs are €10,- per USB (16GB).