Hospital or home birth

If the pregnancy progresses well you can take your own decision about where you want the delivery to take place. We guide deliveries both at home and in the hospital. Whatever choice you make, the most important thing is that you and your partner feel safe and comfortable at the place where you will give birth. You can still make/change your decision on where to give birth during the delivery. Home births are definitely safe. We have all the equipment required to respond to any unexpected situation.

If you choose a relocated home birth (an outpatient birth in hospital), then we will go to the hospital during the dilation phase, where the delivery will take place. A few hours after the delivery you will, if everything is going well, go back home. If you would like to give birth in the hospital, then we will go to the Maxima Medisch Centrum Veldhoven (for more information go to www.mmc.nl/geboortezorg). Since the September 2008 the MMC-V has opened maternity suites, which are designated for outpatient births. Check with your health insurer if and to what extend an outpatient birth in hospital is covered. Would you like to have a look at the maternity suites at the MMC-V?

In the MMC-V? Call the Gynaecology clinic T 040-8888380 or attend one of the information sessions. Click on this link for more information Vrouw Moeder Kind Centrum Maxima Medisch Centrum.

Regardless of where the birth will take place, it is mandatory to raise the bed to 60-70cm (measured from the top of the mattress to the ground). You can do this by using bed chocks or crates. From week 37 you can borrow for free the bed chocks together with a bedpan at the Vegro Thuiszorgwinkel Eindhoven, Kastelenplein 168, 5653 LX Eindhoven: 0900-2887766; www.vegro.nl.

In addition, everyone who is going to give birth needs to have a maternity package at home. The health insurer usually provides these. If not, you can also get one at our practice for a small fee or at the pharmacy.

If you are having a hospital birth you may want to have a packed bag ready, containing:

  • The envelop with the pregnancy papers
  • Clothes for you
  • Clothes and a hat for the baby
  • Optionally, clothes for your partner
  • Toiletries
  • Camera
  • Punch card (if you do not have one yet, your insurance card)
  • € 2,- coin for a wheelchair