Birthing positions

During the delivery there are several positions you can choose to assume. During the dilation phase and while you are pushing it is important to find a position that makes you feel most comfortable. How and in which position you prefer to deliver is something you usually do not find out until the birth itself. In case you have specific ideas or wishes for the course of your delivery, please discuss them with us during one of the check-ups. In principle, the delivery can take place how you would like it to (For example certain positions, in a bath etc.). In some cases we may have a reason to recommend or advise against a particular position. If so, we will explain this to you.

There are a number of positions in which you can deliver your baby with good contractions:

  • Lying on the back with the legs pulled up
  • Lying on the back with the legs in bed
  • Lying on the side
  • Standing up
  • Squatting
  • On a borthing stool (sitting)
  • In a bath

You will find more information about the different birthing positions of www.deverloskundige.nl.