Birth plan

A birth is an intense experience and a good preparation can provide more peace of mind. Next to taking a pregnancy course, it could help to think about the delivery and your wishes. A birth plan can help you with this. In a birth plan you describe your wishes for the birth. This enables you to stay involved in the things that happen during the delivery and the decisions that need to be made. Even at times when you are less able to explain what you want.

Discuss birth plan

A birth plan is not defining for how your delivery will progress, because it is impossible to predict what will happen during a delivery. It can be a guideline for discussing your expectations with your partner, as well as the midwife or the gynaecologist. If you have written a birth plan it is important to discuss this with us. Together we can determine if your wishes are feasible. If there are medical or practical objections, then we can often find alternatives. If you wish so, we will plan some extra time to run through your plan around week 30-32 of your pregnancy.

Writing birth plan

We have put together a blank form, which you can use to outline your wishes and preferences with regards to the birth. Ask about this during the consultation hour. For more information and examples of a birth plan, go to: www.deverloskundige.nl.

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yes, even at night

the world is a bit more beautiful
more beautiful than expected

For with your little face
you provide warmth fire

you make the days finer
with love so very PUUR