* Update June 28th 2021

Good news!

Infection and admission rates are falling and the percentage of people with antibodies to corona, either through vaccination or having had corona, is rising.
This means that we can also implement relaxations within our practice.

 What measures will we be keeping as of Monday, 28-06:
– We will observe the 1.5m distance as much as possible.
– Facemasks are no longer mandatory in our practice. However, we will wear a mask ourselves when you come for an ultrasound examination. This is because we are less than 1.5m away from each other for longer than 15min.
– You may bring someone with you to your appointment, this may also be someone other than your partner.
– Children from your own family are welcome at the practice again. However, we only have a minimum of toys in the waiting room and consultation room. Please take this into account.
Note: We kindly ask you not to bring children to the 20-week ultrasound, as this is an important medical examination.
– To ensure a distance of 1.5 m there is availability for a maximum of 4 people in the waiting room. We kindly ask you to wait outside if it becomes too crowded in the waiting room.
– The quarantine rules will remain as they are now

If you feel more comfortable taking one or more precautions (e.g. wearing a facemask), of course feel free to do so.


    Following new information, the RIVM has adjusted its advice concerning vaccination during pregnancy. All pregnant women are advised – if called upon – to be vaccinated, preferably with an mRNA vaccine. For more information we advise you to look at the site of the RIVM.

    We can’t thank you enough for all your understanding and cooperation, because we are sure you would have imagined this special period differently. Despite everything, it remains important to contact us if you have any concerns, complaints or questions. We are there for you 24/7!