* Update November 15th 2021

Unfortunately, the face mask has returned and given the rising infection rates, we are forced to adjust the measures.

What measures do we maintain as of November 15th:
– If you have a cold, cough, fever or a sudden loss of smell or taste, please stay at home and get tested via the GGD and contact us by phone 
– Wearing a face mask is mandatory in the waiting room and during the (ultrasound) examination
– Disinfect or wash your hands upon arrival
– We ask you to come alone as much as possible during a regular checkup or to bring a maximum of 1 family member
– During medical ultrasounds, fun ultrasounds and the appointment for discussing your birthplan, only your partner or one other person may accompany you.
NOTE: For the 13-week and 20-week ultrasound children are not welcome, since this is an important medical examination
– The most recent quarantine regulations can be found at www.rivm.nl 

Have you just returned from another country? Do the travel check on the website of the Dutch government. Follow this advice and keep it in mind when scheduling appointments with us. 

Based on research data and vaccine efficacy, there is currently no evidence that corona vaccinations are harmful to pregnancy.
Pregnant women are therefore advised to be vaccinated against coronavirus with Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines, regardless of the term of pregnancy.

Vaccinating if you are breastfeeding is no problem at all.

Do you have a desire to have children? After vaccination, you don’t have to wait to get pregnant. 

Between a corona vaccination and another vaccination, such as the whooping cough vaccination, it is recommended to schedule at least 14 days between them. 

For more information we advise you to look at the site of the RIVM.  To help you with your choice about vaccination you can use this decision aid (in Dutch). You can find one in English on the website of the RCOG

Blood prick
Blood tests at MMC or Diagnostiek voor U can only be taken by appointment. You can easily make this appointment online.
You are requested to come alone to the appointment whenever possible.

Given Birth
One other person, besides your partner, may be present during the delivery (at home or outpatient). We do ask that the 1.5 meters be guaranteed as much as possible.

We can’t thank you enough for all your understanding and cooperation, because we are sure you would have imagined this special period differently. Despite everything, it remains important to contact us if you have any concerns, complaints or questions. We are there for you 24/7!