* Update February 26th 2021

Because of the stricter rules regarding the lockdown, we would like to inform you about the measures we are taking as a midwife practice. We also keep a roadmap, where a distinction is made per risk level. The advice below applies to risk level lockdown:

General measures

  • If you have a fever and/or a rhinitis, cough or sore throat and have complaints of reduced smell / taste do not come to the practice, but contact us on 040-2553975!
  • Disinfect your hands upon entering, in our hall there is a hygiene column.
  • Keep as much as possible 1.5 meters distance from other pregnant women and caregivers.
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory in our practice.
  • We have availability for up to 4 people in the waiting room. We ask you to wait outside if the maximum number of people is already present.
  • Childeren are unfortunately not welcome at the moment.
  • For blood tests you need to make an appointment. This can be done through MMC or DvU.

 Consultation hours

  • Medical ultrasounds continue and the partner is welcome for these appointments. It concerns the vitality ultrasound (7-8wkn), the term ultrasound (10-11wkn), 20 weeks ultrasound, growth ultrasound (27wkn) and ultrasound for the position of the baby (34-35wkn) and extra ultrasounds on medical grounds.
  • At the regular check-ups we ask you to come alone, also without children.
  • The partner is welcome for the appointment for discussing the delivery.
  • The little heartbeat consultation will continue, but also here we ask you to come alone.

Fun ultrasound

  • From March 3rd fun ultrasound scans are possible again. Look at the website for the possibilites. Or schedule your appointment here!

Childbirths/home visits in case of complaints

  • If necessary, we will come to your home and meet as few other people as possible.
  • We ask the partner to wear a face mask when giving birth.
  • During childbirth only the partner is allowed to be present.
  • The choice for a home or hospital birth remains.

Maternity visits

  • The day after discharge of the hospital/childbirth the midwife comes by for a home visit. In consultation with you and the maternity nurse we will discuss the further visit schedule; house visits/phone contact.
  • If we come for a home visit, we ask you to wear a face mask.
  • If you or one of your housemates develops complaints, we would like to be informed.
  • If the maternity nurse is present, there may not be a maternity visit. Anyway, we advise you to be cautious with maternity visits.

6 weeks after birth check

  • The 6 weeks after birth check will take place at the practice.


Starting January 23th there will be a curfew in the Netherlands. It will then no longer be permitted to be on the street between                21:00 pm – 4:30 am without a valid reason. Of course, we know better than anyone that babies don’t take that into account!

The curfew does not apply to you when you need to go outside for a check-up at our practice, at the hospital or, of course, when giving birth. It is important to have the right documents and your ID with you when you go out after 21:00 pm. We therefore recommend that you already print out and fill in the ‘Self-declaration curfew’ and in addition to this it is wise to keep your pregnancy statement (provided by us) as extra proof.  

Print out two forms (also one for your partner) and send it to the babysitter, grandparents and/or caregiver who come to your home in the evening or at night when you are giving birth or in an emergency situation.

Of course we, as midwives, also have the right documents to be able to go out during the curfew.
The curfew is no reason not to call in the evening if you have questions or complaints that can not wait until the next morning. We can simply come to you at any time if necessary.


At this moment there is less information available to exclude that the vaccination against the coronavirus would have negative consequences for the pregnancy. Because of this, the advice is not to get vaccinated until after pregnancy. For more information we advise you to look at the site of the RIVM.

We can’t thank you enough for all your understanding and cooperation, because we are sure you would have imagined this special period differently. Despite the lockdown, it remains important to contact us if you have any concerns, complaints or questions. We are there for you 24/7!