* Update January 26th 2021

As a result of the press conference last Saturday, we would like to inform you of the corona-related measures in force within the practice.

As of today, this means that:

– you come to the regular check-ups ALONE

– to the ultrasound appointments and the appointment for talking about delivery 1 person may be brought along

– Children are no longer allowed to come to the practice

– when giving birth at home, besides your partner, 1 other person may be present. We do ask you to keep the 1.5 meters distance as much as possible.

– For deliveries in the hospital, the rules of the hospital concerned apply. Click here for the rules that apply at Maxima MC

– Visits during childbirth will partly be converted into telephone contact. Naturally we will tailor this to the personal situation of each individual.

– Fun ultrasound can be made again. Beside your husband 1 extra adult person is welcome. Children unfortunately not yet.

What remains:
– That you stay home if you have symptoms that could be related to COVID. You will be tested with an official PCR test by the GGD. We will schedule a new appointment after your negative test result, or a telephone check if preferred. Always let us know if your test result is positive

– That you wear your mouth mask and disinfect your hands upon entering the practice

– That we will ensure your safety as much as possible and we will enforce any restrictions imposed on us with the best of intentions

– The most recent quarantine rules can be found at www.rivm.nl 


Based on research data and vaccine efficacy, there is currently no evidence that corona vaccinations are harmful to pregnancy.
Pregnant women are therefore advised to be vaccinated against coronavirus with Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines, regardless of the term of pregnancy.

Vaccinating if you are breastfeeding is no problem at all.

Do you have a desire to have children? After vaccination, you don’t have to wait to get pregnant. 

Between a corona vaccination and another vaccination, such as the whooping cough vaccination, it is recommended to schedule at least 14 days between them. 

For more information we advise you to look at the site of the RIVM.  To help you with your choice about vaccination you can use this decision aid (in Dutch). You can find one in English on the website of the RCOG

Blood prick
Blood tests at MMC or Diagnostiek voor U can only be taken by appointment. You can easily make this appointment online.
You are requested to come alone to the appointment whenever possible.

Given Birth
One other person, besides your partner, may be present during the delivery (at home or outpatient). We do ask that the 1.5 meters be guaranteed as much as possible.

We understand that this is not the way you imagined your pregnancy. For us, too, this is not the way we like to give our care to you! We are always here for you and we hope to be able to make some easing back in the not too distant future.