Becoming pregnant

The period in which you decide to become pregnant is often a fun and exciting time. Most parents-to-be know that it is advisable to start taking folic acid after you have stopped taking contraception. But there are other lifestyle changes you and your partner can make that may contribute to a healthy pregnancy. There is an increasing awareness of the importance of good health prior to a pregnancy and its influence on the health of mother and child. We would like to help you with the best preparation for a healthy pregnancy. You can visit us for the preconception consultation hour (dedicated to the desire to have children). An appointment takes approximately one hour. All important themes regarding the pregnancy will be discussed during this consultation. For more information, please go to: www.deverloskundige.nl/kinderwensspreekuur/ www.strakszwangerworden.nl www.zwangerwijzer.nl  The price for the preconception consultation of one hour is determined by the NZa and amounts €61,83. Numerous health insurers cover the fee for this consult. Inquire with your own health insurance if this applies to you as well. Feel free to call us for additional information or to make an appointment.